Body Guru For You.  - Stimulating your body to relieve tension and stress
About the services of Body Guru For You
James The Body Guru

Body Guru has been giving massage eleven years.

We offer our services to both women and men,  of all orientations. 

We offer a long and very deeply relaxing, medium pressure level. 

Draping is optional.

We have been trained in and have developed over several years a multi- session that is far beyond that a simple touch of skin and tissue massage. The message will both and relax you feeling brand new.  .

We offer several levels of service and offer them in for various  of time. 

We offer several levels of full body massage:

Consider Level 1 or Level 2 if run, bike, hike, athletically train or use legs a lot work? We do extra work on your glutes, inner thighs, calves.
Level 1:  Introduction  -Price start  per hour $80
Level 2:  Therapeutic Massage  - Price $80 per hour 

Consider Level 3  if you need relaxing elements. 
Consider Level 4 if you seek a deep relaxation.  

Level 3:  Lightly Relaxing   Pricing Starts at $100
Level 4:  Deeply Relaxing with Meditation Pricing Starts at $120

Consider Level 5 if you seek touch 
Consider Level 6 when a nude/nude massage, and you seek a more intimate and interactive session.

Level 5:  Sensual -Prices Start at $160/hour
Level 6:  Lovemaking / Tantric. -Prices start at $180 /hour

We also offer add-on services like:
        -Body Grooming /Manscaping.
        -Hugging and Holding / Quiet time together sessions.
        -G Spot Massage / P-Spot / Prostate Massage
        -Shared Shower for a close level of warmth and touch. 

Additional services are available on your request.

We are here for you and your special needs.

We offer sessions in our private studio or sessions at your location. 

We gladly accept debit and credit cards or cash

Paces Forest Court
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

Off Millbrook Road 
Near North Hills Mall and Crabtree Valley Mall

Massages are by appointment.

Regular Hours are:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Sunday: 10am-10pm

Additional hours, and longer sessions are available